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J. Hall is a producer/mixer based out of Nashville, TN. He has cultivated a strong reputation as someone who exceeds the goals of the artist. You can hear how each record J. makes reflects the personality of the artist on projects like: Young the Giant, Nawas, Hidden Hospitals, House of Heroes, As Cities Burn, The Delta Saints, and many more.

Artist Release Record Label Credit* Year
Young The Giant “Typhoon” Roadrunner P/E 2011
House of Heroes Colors EP BC Music P/E/M 2016
The Delta Saints Death Letter Jubilee LP The Delta Saints P/E/M 2013
The Delta Saints A Bird Called Angola EP The Delta Saints P/E/M 2010
Hidden Hospitals Surface Tension LP Hidden Hospitals P/E/M 2015
Everything In Slow Motion Pheonix LP Facedown Records M 2013
Everything In Slow Motion Laid Low EP Facedown Records P/E/M 2016

* P = Producer, M = Mixer, E = Engineer, W = Writer